“Inter-RTI” Ltd

Dear friends, we invite you to cooperation with leading enterprise of Ukraine – Belotserkovsky RTI Plant.  Our enterprise was founded in 1976, it specializes in rubber technical goods production.

“INTER-RTI” Ltd. was created in 2001 after reorganization of JSC “Belotserkovsky RTI Plant”. Currently, authorized capital of the company is formed mainly of private capital. Since 2008, the principal owner and investor of INTER-RTI. Ltd. is  HC “Euro Finance Ltd.”

Production of “INTER-RTI” Ltd. is used in all areas of national economy: agriculture, machine building, construction, railway transport.

Our business partners are companies from Ukraine, CIS countries and also firms and companies from far abroad. High quality of products and flexible system of discounts guarantee profitable business cooperation.  

Belotserkovsky plant “INTER-RTI” specialize in producing of more than three thousand names of competitive products: moulded and non-moulded rubber technical goods, drive V-belts, CVT and fan belts, rubber sheetings, dielectric mats, hoses, automobile mats, rubber technical tubes, cords, compound rubber, rubber railway and tram crossings, noise reduction items, elements of compulsory speed reduction “TRAFICOP” etc. The enterprise is a complex of individual industries (shops), each of which is characterized by independent manufacturing method.   

We have uncontrolled, agreed prices. Depending on cooperation conditions, sales volume and assortment of ordered production there is a flexible system of discounts.

Work in the range of quality is one of the priorities of the enterprise. The main objective of the plant in this regard is ensuring production of rubber technical goods that meet customer requirements and conform to normative documentation. It confirms the implementation of system of quality according to the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2009.