Ltd. "Inter-RTI" (Belotserkovsky Rubber Technical Goods Plant) - one of the largest petrochemical companies in Ukraine and CIS countries and one of the largest enterprises in the city Bila Tserkva. " Belotserkovsky Rubber Technical Goods Plant " was enacted in 1976 as part of "Production Association of tires and rubber-products ". Construction of the "Production Association of tires and rubber-products" was launched in 1965. 32 organizations of the country designed association objects, dozens of industrial enterprises have supplied with materials and equipment. The first stage of association was started in 1972. Annual production for the project was 170.8 million rubles.

The construction of the rubber technical goods factory began in 1972 and lasted for 3 years. Design solutions provided for a company of high productivity and production standards. Rubber products factory is specialized in the production of molded and non-molded product, the V-belt drive, fan belts, CVT belts, technical plates, dielectric carpets, technical rubber blends cash and etc. and it is a set of individual plants (shop floors), each characterized by a separate process. Belotserkovsky rubber industry plant first mastered serial production of multiribbed and variator belts with molded tooth, and it is also one of the few Ukrainian manufacturer of the elements of forced speed reduction, the so-called "Speed ​​bumps".

The preparatory department of the plant - one of the best preparatory workshop industry. Its technology project designed with the latest achievements of domestic appliances. It employs a system of automatic dosing of rubber compounds (SAD-P), the feed transport system, rubber mixers are equipped with a powerful system of dust collection, improving working conditions in the workplace and protects it from dirt surrounding area. In addition to the basic technological departments  the plant has auxiliary shops and departments: mechanical repair shop floors, instrumentation and automation shop, electrical shop, power island, internal transport, the central factory laboratory and other departments and services.

Today "Inter-RTI" - a company that is fitted  with the equipment for the production of more than three thousand items of competitive products, which applies to all sectors of the economy: agriculture, engineering, automobile and tractor construction, construction activities, railways, etc.

The production cycle is closed: from purchase of raw materials, spare parts, etc. to the sale of finished products. The existing production capacity, advanced technologies and qualified personnel can not only satisfy the needs of domestic agricultural and industrial enterprises in the V-belts, pressure and high pressure hoses, molded and non-molded products, but also export a significant part of production in countries near and far abroad.

During the work the company brand name has been recognized  for its high quality products by customers from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Poland, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and others. Our company is a regular supplier of components for the largest automaker, tractor industry, harvester and aggregate conveyors plants:

HC "AvtoKrAZ" Kremenchug, JSC "ZAZ" Zaporozhye, JSC "LAZ" Lviv, Inc. "Hydrosila" Kirovograd, OJSC "MZTG" Melitopol, "Tractor Units Plant", Vinnitsa, OJSC "Kherson Combines" Kherson, State Enterprise "Southern Machine-Building Plant. Makarov ", OJSC "HTZ" "Kharkov, Ltd. "Gomselmash" Gomel, Belarus, CP "Rostselmash" Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Their feedback on our activities are the guarantee of our integrity and a successful business relationship.

Work in the field of quality - one of the priorities of the enterprise. Main objective of the business policy in this area - providing manufacture of rubber technical products that meet consumer requirements and comply with regulatory procedures.

Since 2003, the company has  been certified in the the quality management system for the international standard ISO - 9001. Applicable standards within this Quality Management System forms the basis for improvement of the organization, allow it to operate successfully in the future, bind all stakeholders with a common goal, and ultimately - the organization is functioning effectively in a competitive environment, providing quality products and working conditions of employees at the highest level.

There operates a certified laboratory of "Inter-RTI" Ltd. The testing laboratory shall: physico-mechanical, sanitary, chemical and bench tests of rubber products, rubber compounds for the purpose of quality control and certification. The implemented system of quality directed at meeting the requirements of the customer level service and quality, reducing costs on the processes of testing and ensuring the reliability of their results.

Over the past 10 years, the company takes an active part in the Ukrainian and international exhibitions: International Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn" in Moscow, «Agritek» and «AGROPRODEXPO" Astana, Kazakhstan, "InterAgro", "Agro", Kiev and others.

Currently, the authorized capital of the company was formed mainly from private capital. Since 2008, the principal owner and investor of "Inter-RTI" Ltd. is HC"Euro Finance Ltd. ".

In 2011, Belotserkovsky Rubber Technical Goods Plant has mastered the production of new products. By the end of the year will be run in batch the production of rubber pressure-suction hoses with a textile carcass reinforced in accordance with GOST 5398-76. In spring 2011, the production of long pressure hoses in accordance with GOST10362-76 has been successfully mastered, as well as belts with aramid cord "Kevlar".